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BVNA: The Voice of Veterinary Nursing

We are excited to announce the launch of BVNA’s new website!

A photo of a vet holding a caramel and white bunny wrapped in a towel. The vet is administrating medicine into the rabbits mouth but it looks peaceful.

Who are BVNA?

Established in 1965, BVNA is the British Veterinary Nursing Association. They are the only representative organisation for veterinary nurses and other veterinary support staff in the UK. 

Their aim is to promote the health and welfare of animals through ongoing development and professional excellence in veterinary nursing. They provide education and training for associated individuals and allied professionals as well as offering advice and guidance to its members.

The Project

We have updated BVNA’s website to bring a fresh visual impact whilst adhering to their brand guidelines. The website has a friendlier user experience throughout and is simpler to navigate.

This was a fantastic project to work on and involved creating seamless integration between “Very Connect” (who deliver membership systems for organisations) and ourselves. We created a bespoke single sign in process making it convenient for organisations to give their members access to the membership area.

We’re extremely proud of how this project has come together from vision to fruition. It was a pleasure working with BVNA who are true pioneers of the veterinary industry.