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Restoring our Earth – Earth Day 2021

This year’s theme for Earth Day is “Restore Our Earth”.

It’s no secret that since our 10 year anniversary, we’ve been on a mission to plant a forest. Due to Covid-19, plans slowed down as we were unable to visit plots of land to plant on.

We’ve been asked why we didn’t choose to plant trees through the many schemes available. We found that some planting schemes were actually preservation projects where you were saving trees from being cut down rather than planted. Whilst this is good, it didn’t expand the Earth’s lungs, it only preserves what is left. Then the majority of tree planting schemes are planted overseas and you often won’t know if the tree that is planted in your name has successfully grown. This means you can’t take an accurate reading for how much of your carbon footprint is being offset.

We wanted Co-forest to be based in the UK and plant trees that would make a direct impact on our doorstep. Instead of planting trees by numbers, opting for a plot of land provided more ethical claims on our carbon offsetting. Other businesses and individuals caught on and showed interest in wanting to offset their carbon footprint locally. Just like that, the idea for Co-forest was born.

So where are we now? We are thrilled to announce that a plot of land has been secured! We’re now waiting for some legalities to be finalised before we can announce where Co-forest: Acorn will be planted. We aim to get the first trees in the ground this autumn which coincides with the optimum tree planting season. Pledgers will be invited to come and plant their trees should they wish.

Want to join us in restoring our earth?

Individuals and businesses can pledge anywhere from 10sqm of land to an acre. Your plot can even be named after yourself or your business! No matter how big or small, every pledge at Co-forest contributes towards making our earth a better place to be.