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Meet Boost & Co: a leading growth capital investor for SMEs.

As part of the Bath Digital Festival 2019, Storm & Engine Shed are co-hosting an exclusive dinner event on Wednesday 23rd October called ‘Leading Through Change’. Growth capital investment firm, Boost & Co, have very kindly partnered with us to help fund the event. 

We caught up with Principal, Lauren Couch, to find out more about Boost & Co and why they have decided to take part in BDF this year.

Who is Boost & Co

We help businesses accelerate expansion with £2m to £10m of flexible funding and enjoy freedom while holding onto equity. We support businesses with £2m+ revenues with a proven business model who want to invest in growth, bridge the gap to break even or acquire other businesses. 

We have a strong and unique culture and our people have left corporate jobs to work in an exciting, growing firm- just like the ones we want to fund.

How are you different from other investors?

We can lend at an earlier stage in the life cycle of a business including pre-profitability and will look at the business’ revenue on a look forward basis rather than multiples of historic revenue. We do not require institutional investors (although we can coinvest), we do not have any financial covenants and do not take a board seat. 

Our model is to back businesses we believe in and leave them to run their business without interference from us. We can also tranche in funding and the business will only pay for the money they borrow while having the comfort of committed lending when they require it.

Can you give an example of a company in the local area (South West) who you have helped to scale?

We provided BlueVenn, a customer data and marketing platform, with £8M growth capital in July 2019 who are based in Bristol. Our funding has enabled them to hire an additional 40 people across the UK and US.  

Why did Boost & Co decide to partner the Leading Through Change Dinner with Storm & Engine Shed as part of Bath Digital Festival?

Our business is ideally suited to providing funding to businesses within the technology and digital sectors. I attend the quarterly investment briefings at the Engine Shed and wanted to be involved somehow in the Bath Digital Festival as it brings people and technology together. 

My remit is to meet businesses in the region and give them a funding option that they may not be aware of, so the Leading Through Change Dinner with Engine Shed & Storm is a great opportunity for me to meet key people in the region.

If a business is looking to seek funding with Boost & Co, how can they apply? 

Email me at, visit our website or connect with me on LinkedIn. I am very happy to speak to all businesses as I have worked in finance for 18 years so I can’t help, I will know someone who can!

If you are joining us at the Leading Through Change Dinner, be sure to have a chat with Lauren throughout the evening.

There are only a few spaces left on the Bath Digital Festival website so grab your ticket now!