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Artificial Intelligence and Robots at TEDx Bath

The countdown is on to TEDx Bath! With only a few days left until this exciting event we thought we’d catch up with some of the fantastic speakers who will be taking part.

TEDx Bath will include 12 inspiring talks on Saturday 29th September between 1pm and 5.30pm at Bath Abbey. We caught up with speaker, Rob Wortham, to find out a little about what he does and what to expect from his talk on Saturday.

Rob Wortham, University of Bath

Rob Wortham is a Teaching Fellow in Robotics and Autonomous Systems within the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Bath. He recently completed a PhD in Computer Science at Bath.

He investigates how human natural intelligence (NI) interacts with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how engineers and designers can make the behaviour of AI systems more understandable through transparency. Rob studies both the risks and benefits of AI, and how we can maximise the benefits of autonomous intelligent systems, whilst minimising the risks.

Rob will be joining TEDx Bath to discuss how AI can affect our lives in Bath with the titled talk: “Will robots be our new best friends?”

Rob explained: “I think that there are substantial risks with AI and intelligent systems, and yet I see great positive potential for intelligent technologies to make life better for us all. Therefore, I think we need education, standards and some regulation to minimise risks, and maximise benefits.”

Robots in Bath? 

The team at Storm are particularly excited to hear what Rob has to say. As you may remember, we are currently working with the University of Bath on a project regarding the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Pepper the robot is being used to test the boundaries of what AI can do as we consult on this important research.

Still need a ticket for TEDx Bath?

Don’t miss out on Rob’s talk, or any of the other fascinating topics being discussed on Saturday 29th September. Head to the TedX Bath website to purchase a ticket now.

Tickets are priced at £40, but be quick, there are only 100 tickets available. Tickets to attend the live stream at The Guildhall are free, but a ticket is still essential!

Storm are Headline Gold Sponsors for the day so we look forward to seeing you there!Storm sponsor TEDx Bath