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We’re advocates for the Good Employment Charter

Culture has always played a prevalent role at Storm. We’ve been awarded the best place to work and the average Storm employee is with us for 6 years. We also became B-corp certified last year meaning that across everything we do, we are committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Earlier this year we were absolutely delighted to be approached by the West of England to be an advocate and case study for The Good Employment Charter.

The Good Employment Charter is an accreditation scheme that aims to improve employment standards in the West of England for organisations of all sizes and sectors, through characteristics that will raise the value and quality of work, allowing employers to become an ‘employer of choice’, leading them to higher staff retention rates, better productivity and contributing to a thriving economy.

The West of England Good Employment Charter will set the standard for working practices in the region. Supporting businesses of any size or sector to improve investment in their staff, enabling more inclusive, equitable & sustainable working practices, positively benefiting people, society, and the wider economy.

It’s an honour to be one of the first companies approached and used to set an example to others across the region. You can find our profile and a bit more about why we wanted to get involved here.