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The benefits of a 4.5 day working week

LinkedIn trending topics have been exploring the idea of companies adopting a four day working week. The discussion comes after a post lockdown world, encouraging a better work-life balance.

At Storm we’ve been working a 4.5 day week (at full salary) for as long as we’ve been around. David and Adam wanted to set up a company they’d love to work for and let’s be honest, Friday afternoons can be a drag. 

So what’s the result of a 4.5 working day week?

We can’t compare a 5 day working week with a 4.5 day working week because for 12 years it’s been our norm. What we do know is the following:

  1. A great work-life balance

The team have an extra half day to complete life admin, rest up, spend more time with their families or have some ‘me time’.

  1. Less sick days

Well rested employees take less days off for sickness. With our combination of a 4.5 day working week and an unlimited annual leave policy, our team takes an average of 3 sick days a year per person compared to the UK’s average of 6.

  1. Staff retention

Our average employee is with the company for 6 years. We’re pretty proud of this considering we’ve just turned 12.

  1. Recurring appointments

For those who need or want weekly recurring appointments, they know they always have Friday afternoons off so it’s a good time to book their favourite gym classes, wellbeing sessions or even a beauty appointment.

  1. No one hates Friday afternoons

There’s no reason to!

Why 4.5 days instead of 4 days?

Whilst a 4 day working week has been considered, we are a service based business and it’s only fair that our clients are able to reach us five days a week. Even with a shorter day on Friday, our clients know to contact us in the morning if there’s anything we need to sort for them.

After 12 years Storm is still thriving. ‘Losing’ half a day each week hasn’t impacted our growth. If anything, our culture is one of the reasons why our clients choose to work with us.