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How a coffee and a chat can be the most valuable thing you offer

I’ve been reflecting recently that in the (arguably fairly fast-paced!) world of digital technology, AI, apps, and digital transformation, business leaders often find themselves feeling a little left behind. The rapid change can create quite a daunting knowledge gap, leaving even the best feeling as though they are adrift and wondering what they might be missing. This unease is often further compounded when these landscapes intersect with other critical business considerations such as fundraising, investment, intellectual property, and growth marketing.

I’ve noticed that it’s not uncommon for business leaders to miss opportunities or overlook potential threats simply because the digital tech landscape seems too vast and complex.

In a recent internal discussion, we reflected on the time we invest in pro bono conversations / guidance – often spanning many months, with business leaders who may never become clients. It became clear that, for us at Storm, this commitment to helping others to make sense of ‘our world’ is an integral part of our organisational identity. The satisfaction we derive from making a positive impact without expecting anything in return is immeasurable. Or to put it another way, we believe in fostering a spirit of support and encouragement within our community.

And whilst our intentions may be largely altruistic, it is absolutely fair to say that our commitment to giving back enhances our network and reach, creating a ripple effect that often brings new opportunities our way. A significant number of the organisations and individuals we eventually collaborate with have been referred to us through personal connections.

So two closing questions – firstly, how are you supporting others around you and could you give more back to helping others to succeed without needing to put a price on that time? 

Secondly, if you’re one of those business leaders who is feeling slightly uneasy about technology within your business – or maybe you had lunch with that person today – then why not drop me a note and we can grab a coffee.