The University of Bath came to Storm for a specially crafted 50th anniversary website, with a series of animated interactive features to help tell their story.


An invitation to join the celebrations

The 50th anniversary website serves as an invitation to students, staff, alumni and the public. Everybody is invited to share memories, attend events and discover the history of the Uni.

When one thing leads to another...

Our central challenge was to immerse visitors in the website, making sure that each piece of content naturally lead on to the next. We wanted visitors to enjoy their browse, learn something new and leave with an invested interest in the future of the University.

  • Keeping the content varied

    We made sure the site could showcase a wide variety of content types, including written stories, videos, photos, sound bytes, quotes, stats, animations and user controlled interactive elements.

  • Relevant calls to action

    Utilising content tags was an integral part of ensuring that relevant content was always surfacing to continue the user’s journey. We also made sure the site raised awareness and signposted other important campaigns further to the 50th anniversary.

  • Bespoke animations & graphics

    For an extra special touch, we worked with the University to identify some key facts from the 50 years, and brought them to life with interactive graphics and animations.

Bringing the anniversary to life

In order to tell the true story over 50 years, we employed a number techniques to create animated and interactive elements which could be used to explore the University's story. In the example below, the graphical animation works together to showcase some key facts and stats from the University’s history.

Student numbers

Bright ideas come from bright minds. Here at Bath, a top 10 university, we keep attracting the very brightest. What started with a few hundred science students is now a thriving community of over 15,000, both on campus and on placements all over the world.

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