Focusing on an audience in the Middle East and North Africa, ShopGo is an easy to use e-commerce solution. We worked alongside ShopGo to concept, design and build an attractive and robust marketing site, including language support for both English and Arabic.


E-Commerce for Everyone

ShopGo allows customers, with little to no experience, to sign up, choose a theme and launch their own e-commerce shop in just a few simple steps. Here's what we built.

A User Experience crafted with care and attention

Our focus was on simplifying the sales and sign up process, making the journey as easy as possible to maximise conversions. A good deal of time was spent considering how this process would lead seamlessly into the store setup and beyond.

Bringing a site to life

At Storm we look for opportunities to go that little bit further, adding features to delight, surprise and ultimately satisfy users. Here are three details from ShopGo we’re particularly proud of.

  • Seamless sign up

    It took patience, care and love from our developers to ensure the site connected to ShopGo’s custom provisioning APIs. This means that every customer will enjoy a pain free sign up experience.

  • Arabic language support

    Special consideration was needed to make the website useful to Arabic audiences. Arabic is read from right to left which affects the position of all sorts of things, including text, calls to actions and menus.

  • Animations

    At Storm we enjoy the fine art of enhancing a customer’s experience but never distracting them. Our finishing touches imply ‘attention to detail’, and are designed to compliment the user journeys.

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