Professionalising YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

Keymailer connects YouTubers and Twitch streamers to game publishers so that gamers can get access to game keys quickly and easily.

  • 300+

    Publishers, Developers and PR agencies already benefiting from Keymailer

  • 10,000+

    Game keys delivered securely to content creators every month

  • 250,000+

    YouTube and Twitch videos generated by influencers for games listed on Keymailer

  • 80 million+

    Global aggregate reach of accredited YouTube and Twitch content creators using Keymailer

Bridging the gap between gamers and publishers

We now live in a time where YouTube channels command larger audiences than most big big budget TV shows- game pulishers keen to appeal to these huge audiences are very eager to supply their games to content creators on YouTube and Twitch to be showcased, and gamers are equally keen to obtain free, early release copies of the best games for their channels. Keymailer came to us with a plan to bring these two forces together.

Creating a mutually beneficial system for content creators and publishers

The idea was simple- create a single platform that would easily allow both parties to connect and mutually benefit from one another. By providing metrics and ratings of gamers and their channel content, Keymailer can enable publishers to easily select the best and most appropriate candidates for game keys, whilst providing a simple and easy process to gamers to apply for keys themselves.

Robust and responsive mobile design

Essential to Keymailer’s success was a platform that allowed tech savvy gamers and busy, on the go games company reps easy access to Keymailer on mobile devices. The mobile user experience was designed and developed in tandem with the desktop site and particular focus given to ensuring the mobile experience was as sleek and simple as its desktop counterpart.

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