Since beginning our partnership with Cakeshop and developing their innovative cake-topping app, this young startup is emerging as a leading force in custom confectionary.

Making cupcakes even more awesome

Cakeshop helps customers design their own unique rice paper cake toppers, and required a web application that would manage the complexities of customising templates into printable PDFs. Heres what we built.

Customised cakes in three easy steps

We focused on simplifying the cake-topping process down to 5 key steps, making the journey as easy as possible for Cakeshop users. 

2.5 million cakes topped, piece of cake.

During our strategy meetings regarding Cakeshop, we identified three fundamental elements we felt were to be central to the success of Cakeshop’s online presence-

  • Facebook integration for uploads

    With most of the photos we take these days ending up on facebook it was fundamental to offer users the option to upload facebook photos directly to the app.

  • Extensive customisation options

    Core to Cakeshop’s success was to offer a customisation suite for cake toppers that was unmatched by its competitors. We created a core library of over 300 unique graphics usable within the app.

  • A simple, no hassle user journey

    Arguably most crucial of all was Cakeshop’s ability to allow user’s to quickly and easily manage the process of creating cake toppers. We distilled the process to simple 5 step process, completable in under 5 minutes.

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