Our Values

While at Storm we only ask a few things from you. Create work that makes you proud and work hard while doing it. Be brave, give yourself permission to try and learn from your mistakes. Have fun, always.

Excitement is infectious

Reciprocity of excitement and passion is fundamental. Our clients feed from us in the same way we feed from them. It is the cornerstone of building a strong relationship in which we can all join in celebrating the highs and successes of our partnerships.

Be the expert.

Being the expert is all about owning your craft. Be proud of your work. Take responsibility. Be the go-to guy or girl when someone needs help and translate your thoughts and ideas so that both your team and clients can appreciate your genius.

Innovate. Educate.

Discovering the initial possibilities is only the start of the journey. We really believe in being brave enough to ask the big questions and think differently using best practise methods and techniques to push boundaries and educate ourselves and our clients.

Ain't no Planet B.

There is a whole world outside the studio, a world that we care very much about. We undertake to consider how our actions as a business and choices in who we work with impacts our planet and society. We've started 2020 by committing to planting a forest in the local area.